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Retrospect 6.0, different versions of files


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From the manual, it suggests that the best way to backup is to get everything, then subsequent backups will add to the existing backup set.


I'm used to either doing fill backups each time, incremental or differential ones -- these each give me the opportunity to restore an individual file from any backup.


When multiple versions of a file exist, does the restore allow me to see/restore any of them, or just the latest? And if a file is deleted, are earlier dated versions available?


When I do a full restore (under windows or disaster), once I choose a backup set, do I get an opportunity to choose the date/backup, or is it only the latest?




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Hi Brad




You can restore past versions of your files by selecting an older snapshot to restore from. You can also search an entire set by filename. Restore options are very flexible so you will be able to get what you need easily.





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