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Adaptec 39160, Dell PowerVault 122T Loader, and 10.3 Server

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In case this helps someone else down the road...




I just upgraded my Xserve from 10.2 Server to 10.3 Server. I downloaded the newest driver update from Dantz and made sure that Retrospect 5.1 is updated to the newest build.




After the upgrade to 10.3 Server, Retrospect will not recognize the PowerVault 122T as an autoloader on either an ATTO PCI Express UL2S card (it worked fine on this card under 10.2 in the Xserve) or on an Adaptec 39160 w/version 1.2 driver (bought to replace the old Ul2S card) from Adaptec. Retrospect sees the loader as a single tape drive when it is connected to either of these cards.




I reinstalled into the Xserve the ATTO UL3S-66 that it originally shipped with, and luckily Retrospect sees the loader as a loader on this card. For now, I am just going to use the Adaptec for a RAID cabinet and use the ATTO card for the tape drive. If I had known this issue existed, I would have just bought the 29160 from Adaptec and saved a hundred bucks. Maybe when Dantz fully supports 10.3 Server this issue will clear up (nudge nudge).




For anyone considering using a Dell PowerVault 122T with an Xserve and Retrospect, be warned that it is a very very picky combination. This is just the latest in a series of problems I have had with this loader so far. Just stick to the ATTO UL3S-66 that Apple bundles with the Xserve and add another card for any other SCSI needs.







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Hi Heath,


Thanks for posting! Getting a SCSI devices to work properly in OSX can be a challenge for sure. Dantz only supports the use of ATTO OEM SCSI cards in the Xserve and does not support Adaptec cards in panther at this point. For more details take a look at our Xserve compatibility page:




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