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RDU 4.2.105 gets Error 100 (Probably NOT media problem)

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(re-posting here ... also in "Express for OS X")


Hello: I am a 'new' user of R 5.1.175. Went thru the trial bit, etc, then opted for the paid version.

I had used RE 5.0.138 for several months; had Multiple CD-R writing problems.; eventually DANTZ solved with a new RDU.


Now I am a 'paid up' user of 5.1.175; and as a trial user had RDU 4.0.103 sent along.

It worked fine for all the Multi-CD-R's I burned.


Last week for the 1st time I used the latest RDU 4.2.105 with my current copy of R 5.1.175.


Gets Error 100 on 1st try to write to the drive. Media is Fuji; also tried TDK and even Office Depot w/ same results.

After restoring RDU 4.0.103, ALL my back-ups were successful.


How could a NEW driver regress? I would hope ALL previous fixes would be carried forward... huh?

Could it be R 5.1.175?


Here are my vitals:

10.2.8 on a G4 400 mhz Desktop w/ 704/20. R ver 5.1.175 and driver 4.0.103;

I have a CD burner as follows:

ID=ATAPI-A; Vendor=Matsushita; Product= CD-RW CW-7586; Version=1.01;

Driver=Panasonic CD-RW (5.01)


Jim b

PS I DID note that the driver that failed for me (4.2.105) had Matsushita CW 8121 updates?.....

PPS Since I was NOT on 5.1 , I missed the RDU 4.1.109 Announcement...I'll stick w/ RDU 4.0.103 UNTIL 4.2.105 is verified/fixed/whatever for my HDW.


PPPS ALWAYS KEEP an RDU that works!!!! You may have to restore to it!!!!



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This really an apology for my previous post.


After trying out 5.1, I paid for the app and continued using RDU 4.0.103 that came with it.


Subsequent RDUs (4.2.105 and 4.3.103) both got Error 100; using 5.1.175 & 5.1.177.


Today I found out about the "Configure" function in Retrospect. After running that, I could B/U with RDU 4.3.103.. (it even seemed faster ;-)


Before, I had never seen that option in 5.0.138 OR in 5.1.175.


So, be sure to "configure" your hardware before trying to B/U. Course most or all the readers of this forum probably knew this all along, right?!


Cheers, Jim B doh.gif

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