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What operating system are you running on the server and the client? What verion of the Retrospect applciation and Retrospect client do you have installed?




Here's a link the knowledgebase article that discusses this problem:








515 errors are almost always caused by a router that does incidental damage to the packet as it strips or adds headers and footers that allow the packet to travel from segment to segment along the network. It's not unheard of, however, for a bad router or bad networking equipment on a specific node to cause such problems.




The first step would be to determine whether the 515 is associated with one machine or many machines. A 515 error on one machine suggests problems with that node. Try replacing transceivers, patch cables and Ethernet cards, or changing the port into which that node is plugged on the hub.




If the 515 is associated with all of your clients, troubleshoot that piece of network hardware which is common to all clients. Are all the machines isolated to a single hub? Do they make the same router hop? Any sort of pattern, along with a knowledge of your network topology, will help you identify the faulty piece of equipment. Using a process of elimination by substituting pieces of network equipment will help you further isolate the problem.




If you manage to determine that the 515 only occurs with a PCI Macintosh, you should make sure you are running the most recent version of Open Transport. Also make sure that machine has the most updated Ethernet drivers for its card (either built-in or PCI).

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