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6.5 Pro and XP Lock Ups


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I have 6.5 Pro installed and backing up to an external USB 2.0 Maxtor HD. When left alone the backup procedures seems to be working quite well. But should I shut off my machine or for any reason miss a backup cycle then I pay the price. Anytime after that if I start Retrospect it will start doing something with the external HD (there is nothing in the log or queue). Whatever it's trying to do seems to take forever. I can't quit the program or restart windows. I can't STOP the backup device or use the task manager to stop Retrospect. It ignores all END NOW commands. I can minimize it and that's about it. If I click the close tool it just gives me a program not responding box and END NOW...which doesn't.


I have installed all of the latest updates. Where should I look to stop this from occuring?




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