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Error -102 Trouble Communicating


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I have been trying to complete a backup for the last week but I keep getting an "error -102 trouble communicating".


Nothing has changed in my system and I was performing succesful backups until now.


The backup gets about half way through but then Retrospect 6.0 reports an error.


Can anyone help me out with this, I have not had a great time with Retrospect frown.gif

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It looks like this drive is not yet supported for use with Retrospect. The 2 Powervault 110T drives that are supported are the DLT 4000 and DLT 7000 versions.


Your best bet is to try a new cable and the standard SCSI troubleshooting outlined in the Retrospect users guide first. If that fails it is a indication that the driver Retrospect is

loading does not fully support the drive



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I am having the same problem,


Win 2k Server

backup device: Sony DAT DDS-DC. SDT-9000. Revision 0400

backup media: Tape

Retrospect version: 6.5

Retrospect driver update version: ?


Is this an unsupported drive??


Any help will be very much appreciated



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The SDT-9000 is supported. See the following link for the Hardware Compatibility Search engine for complete details:




From the Knowledgebase:




TITLE: Troubleshooting error 102 Trouble Communicating

Article ID: 27864

Date Created: 2003-04-08

Date Modified: 2003-04-08


This document outlines tips for troubleshooting an error 102.




This error is often the result of a device communication problem between the backup device and the computer.


First, make sure you are using a supported device. Check http://www.dantz.com/hardware to see if the drive is on our list of supported devices.


To resolve the error use the following steps.


1) Try a new tape or disk

2) Try a different brand of media

3) Try isolating the device when possible. If it is SCSI, try making it the only external SCSI device.

4) If it is a SCSI device under Mac OS X, make sure it is using a supported SCSI card.

5) Look for updated adapter drivers and firmware: USB, FireWire, SCSI or ATAPI vendors may offer newer firmware or drivers which may make for better device communication.

6) Try a new cable, especially for a SCSI device. Internal ATAPI cables could become crimped or damaged. Inspect them if necessary.

7) Try making your ATAPI device "primary" rather then a "slave".

8) If you are using USB, try connecting the device directly to the computer rather then to a USB hub.

9) Try the device on another computer.


If you do all of the above, and the error follows the drive to another computer, that could be an indication of a problem with the device. Check with the hardware vendor to see if they can offer any additional suggestions.

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