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Firewire Drives - Seen by OS X but NOT Retrospect?

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Hello All:




I'm having trouble getting Retrospect 5 to recognize my firewire removable hard drives in OS X. I can see them fine in the apple system profiler, as well as my desktop, but Retrospect sees no devices nor drivers??? Also, when I boot into classic, Retrospect does see them, but I get "Content Unrecognized". I updated my firmware and got the lastest firewire drivers from apple, but still no luck. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.




Also, If I can't get OS X to see the firewire drives, can I ever get it working back on my old machine with OS 9.2, now that I am getting this "Content Unrecognized" error?




Thanks in advance



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Retrospect should never see a hard drive drive listed as a "device" under Configure > Devices. This window is designed to show media devices such as tape drives, CD burners and Zip drives.




In order to backup to a hard drive, you must create a File backup set within Retrospect. When creating a new File backup set under Configure > Backup Sets, you will be given the option of saving the file to the external firewire hard drive.




Please refer to the Dantz tutorial for backing up to hard drives:






You'll need to check with the hard drive vendor to ensure that the firewire drive is OS X compatible. In most cases the drive will need to be formatted under OS X before it can be used properly under OS X.

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If it's not on their list of compatible drives, it's not supported. Retrospect Express was the last $50 they'll ever get from me.



It doesn't need to be supported, it's just a hard drive. No advanced writing methods are required. The only thing that could be troublesome would be uncommon connection types, of which direct firewire is hardly one.

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