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Professional and USB 2 and/or FireWire hard disks


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Hi everyone,


I've browsed in all the places I could think of, but I have an unsolved issue with Retrospect Professional 6.5 for Windows.


I setup a backup script to backup onto my USB2-based hard disk and everything works fine. It's when I turn the drive off that I start having problems. I don't usually keep the drives running all the time. I just turn them on when I need to use them. So after a reboot, when Retrospect starts up (either scheduled or manually), and can't find the drive, it'll prompt to create a new backup set. If I turn on the USB drive at that point, the drive letter appears in the dialog box. When I select it, I end up with a new backup set on the disk.


It seems, however, if I don't reboot after turning off the USB hard disk (i.e. run Retrospect, do the backup, turn the drive off, run Retrospect again), Retrospect seems to remember the drive letter and will simply prompt to locate the backup set. If I turn on the USB at that point, Retrospect will detect it and carry on with its task automatically.


Would anybody know of a better way of backing up to my USB2 drive, without having to leave it on all the time, and without having Retrospect create a new backup set every time?


Thank you.

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