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Cannot Format Tapes....

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I have Retrospect 5.0.238 installed on Mac OS X Server 10.3 and I am using an ADIC FastStor DLT changer with a Quantum DLT7000 tape drive mechanism. The tape changer and drive are listed as supported mechanisms on Dantz's hardware compatability list.


The problems I am having are:


1. When I load a tape into the drive and attempt to format it, the Format menu item is greyed out. So I am unable to format any tapes. I can, however, erase tapes and read/write data to them.


2. I also noticed that when doing a recycle backup to a tape set, Retrospect doesn't start with slot 1, it starts in some random slot. It will load a couple tapes and write to them, then it will stop and ask for next tape. In a recycle backup, it shouldn't ask for which tape is to be erased next because it is going to erase and write to any available tape from a previous backup.


This problem has plagued us since we went to OS X Server 10.1. Previously, in OS 9, everything worked correctly.


Has anyone else encountered these issues? Any advice would be appreciated.


Bob Reed

National Geographic Society

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