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Trouble with DVD burner: LG GSA-4040B

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I have been trying all day to get this DVD burner to work with Retrospect 6.5 (336). So far I only have about 5 coasters to show for it.


When I try to build a custom configuration for it, I have to put the disk in before I start; if I put it in after, it just sits there waiting for the disc, whether you put it in or not.


If you do put the disc in in advance, then it works for a while, writing to the disc, ejects, and then closes again, and says "please re-insert the DVD-R disc." And it will sit like that for an hour, and you can eject and reinsert any disc you want - the program just ignores it.


I have two different burning programs installed, I use DVD-RAMs, RWs, etc. Nothing else has a problem using this drive. What's going on?

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DVD and CD burning programs don't like to share the drive. The fact that Retrospect won't see the disk unless you put it in later is a good sign this is whats happening. Disable your other burning programs so they leave the drive alone during the auto configuration process. You will need to do the same when you run backups too.



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I do have the same drive. Let me tell you that the auto configuration is very BAD. It worked fine technically and I could do backups but


- Write Speed abour 16Mb/Minute (instead of estimated 200Mb/min).

- external (USB2) use not possible although auto configuration was possible


I have similar problems with other drives. NOT A SINGLE 4x DVD+-RW drive is supported by Dantz. doh.gif


Take a look at NERO 6. Has Backup functions is fast as hell and you have NO drive support problems. I definitely will take a look.





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Thanks for the hint to find the needle in the hay. (DVD+-RW 4x drive)


The problem was: Dantz is neither able to show DVR+-R/RW Drives in the -RW or +RW/+R Section nor being able to name a section as +-R/RW.


Just naming a section "DVD RW" is compared to the others quite illogical as well as placing the pages links on the results page some miles down the page and not directly under the table of the drives.


Furthermore the named drive Sony DRU-510A has an exclamation mark which is nowhere described.


Am I blind or where did the window cleaner (who probably manages the list) put the information?


Momentarily I run into problems with the LG4040B. I used new Media (well tested and suggested media) but contrary to Nero, Retrospect 6.5 does have its own mind to tell me it is an DVD-RW media although it is an DVD+RW media. Finally it refuses to configurate the drive with this media :-( cryrub.gifdoh.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif

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I had a similar problem too. See thread below. It fixed my problem.




Enable NT SCSI Passthrough to bypass ASPI: From the Retrospect Directory hit Ctrl-Alt-P-P. Under "Execution," check "Enable NT SCSI Passthrough." Click OK. Quit and relaunch.


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I also have wasted many expensive DVD-R and DVD-RW discs trying to 'configure" my LG-4040B drive. I have updated the drives firmware to the latest A302 and still no success. (Running XP Pro).

I was trying Retrospect 6.5 and thought it to be an excellent program. I got my Ricoh 7200 CD burner configured OK, but not the LG-4040B.


Dantz say they support DVD-RAM, but this is not recognised either.


Yes, obviously time to find another backup software.

Someone below suggested Nero 6. Does it have functions such as controlled and numbered backup sets? (If not as long as it actually works it will be way ahead of Retrospective.)


Sorry Dantz. You have been good enough to provide trial software. On this I commend you. It looks like a great piece of software functionally, but your drivers suck.

Get your drivers easier and more foolproof (for fools such as I), and you will be on a winner.

Not supporting drives such as the award winning LG-4040B is pretty slack.


Unless you can confirm you are going to provide proper and full automatic support REAL SOON NOW, then I'm outa here and onto Nero or some other.

Thanks anyway.

P.S. Sorry for the blast but I'm pissed about all the DVD's I'v blown (not) getting it setup.


P.P.S Dantz you should at least warn people the configuration tests will destroy DVD-R's. I did get Princo DVD-R's to be recognised but I need to be able to use DVD-RW.

(The DVD-RW's that arent working are also completely ruined but thats a different matter.)

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It's the first time I tried to use this software since I first purchased it and got *really* frustrated about its handling of packet written DVD-RAMs (failing to peoperly detect media etc) I wish I hadn't bothered ...


I have a little known 4x DVD+/-RW drive (a Pikaone IDE1004) that works 100% perfectly with Nero and CDRWIN but Retrospect is incapable of configuring it to use DVD+/-R(W) disks, rendering the program useless to me.


I can configure it for CD-RW and CD-R (trashing a CD-R in the process) but DVD+RW is just not recognised as a media type at all, and I'll be damned if I'm putting a DVD+R or DVD-R in there to be turned into a coaster. That auto-config really should include a warning; something like: "This process will ruin your media and probably not be successful!"


I've tried the much talked about CTRL+ALT+P P shortcut that everyone raves about on this forum but it does absolutely nothing for me; no hidden preferences, no nothing.


I'm using 6.5.336 with the 4.7 driver update, Win XP Pro SP1, ASPI version 4.7


Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Try CTRL-SHIFT-ALT P-P (two quick bangs on the p). The change that you're probably alluding to is switching from ASPI to NT-Passthur (then restarting Retrospect). Fixes problems in many cases but not a sure thing (I was unable to config my Dell CDRW in either mode).

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