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Intermittant Client operation

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A customer of ours has a Blue and White G3 running OS 9.2.2 and Workgroup Server 5.0.238


the clients are running a mixture of Mirrored G4's and G5's running osx 10.2.8


apart from not supporting the delayed shutdown i am also getting error -1028 ( client is not not visible on network) on some machines, eg 1 computer will back up one night and then will not the next night, whilst one that didnt backup with a -1028 error will back up the next night



the client versions are all the version 5.1.109 , we have dumped everything from the clients and reinstalled but to no avail, we never had any problems before the clients upgraded to OSx so i am sure the network hardware is OK, we did swap the machines round to another switch to make sure


i'm at my wits end and could do with some advice



thanks in advance


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