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Backup Sets Properties Members Tab Set Found Fails


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This feature is documented here.




I did not find it documented in the Help or PDF Manual.


This doesn't work:


"If the member is found in the future and you'd like to add it back in to the set, just highlight it and click Set Found from the Members tab; you will then be able to restore data from that member. "


I did a 27 member CDR backup, set to verify. After the first two verified, I wasn't sure of the best way to end, so when the mount requests for CDR 3-25 displayed, I indicated that the member was not available. I subsequently learned the consequences of that act.


After a long time hunting through the documentation I did not find an answer, but looking around the menus I did find the Backup Sets | Properties | Members Tab | Set Found button. I marked the missing CDRs 3-25 as found.


I then tested the backup set to see if a new backup would function correctly. It did not. The preview indicated that 22 CDRs worth of previously backup files would be backed up again. Bummer.


I then rebuilt the backup set from the Fast Catalog File on the last member of the backup set. Then everything worked fine.



1) Make the Set Found button work.

2) On the Compare mount media screen, give an option to skip the verify.


For some of my backups I just want to verify a few CDs when new combinations of Drives and Media are used. This equipment seems pretty reliable now.



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