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Experience using VXA-2 drives with retrospect?

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I'm looking to upgrade the backup systems that I've got in place at a couple of small labs that I support. Based on the quantity of data, frequency of backups, etc, it looks like it's probably worth stepping up to a single tape drive for each site, so now I'm trying to decide what brand/format to use. After reading up on the various tape formats out there, my initial assessment was that the VXA-2 format would best suit my sites' needs in terms of capacity, reliability, performance and cost. I'm hesitant to commit to this technology, however, based on some negative reports I read about these drives as a backup solution on mac-mgrs list, and the many issues reported with these drives on the Dantz Mac forums. (And the lack of any positive real world experiences anywhere I looked on the web).


So I'd like to get some feedback from folks using these drives with Retrospect as to their experiences and recommendations. If you've had problems with these drives, have they been resolved? If you could do it over again, would you buy the model? If not, what would you recommend? Also, would you recommend firewire or scsi interface, and why?


In terms of the environment I'll be using the drive in, one site will run retrospect 5.1 for mac (already invested in it) off an 800 Mhz PowerMac G4 Server. The other site has some flexibility in terms of software (I might download the demo of BRU for Mac OS X and give it a try...any thoughts on this one?) and will probably run the backups off of either an Xserve or a G4 PowerMac.


Thanks for your consideration,



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