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Large numbers of errors when comparing

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I've set up a retrospect server running:

G5 1.8GHz


STD 9000 DDS 3 -drive (i think, or was it dds4)

Acard AEC67160M Ultra 160-card (Firmware 1.1)

Retrospect 5.1.175 (driver 4.0.103)


1) We had to rebuild the catalog file, but this turned out to be very hard, because it seamed like the computer lost the connection to the drive after like 15 000 files, or 5000 files, or 40 000 files. After a couple of days, we finally were able to rebuild the catalog and restore the files (wich worked on the second attempt)


2) After making a backup, the verify-function shows EXTREME amounts of errors, like tens of thousands. It says: "File "bla bla bla" miscompare at data offset 40 865 path: "Macintosh HD/Etc/etc/etc. I have a 900 pages long logfile here with miscomparisons... frown.gif


What should I do? My customer is like getting a bit nervous because the backup is not working


Btw: before we ran this on the G5, we had a dual 1.25Ghz G4 with a 2906 card, and that ran without problems (but it got stolen).

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I recently upgraded to a G5 and have been seeing similar problems. Sometimes I get large numbers of compare errors; other times I get checksum errors in the catalog. Exiting Retrospect doesn't help, but rebooting the computer does. Very disurbing.


I'm running 10.2.8 on a DP 2GHz G5, with the latest 5.1 and drivers installed, backing up to the same external FW drive I used on the G4 with no problems whatsoever.


I'm guessing either a G5 problem or a 10.2.8 problem. Ugh.

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