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Retrospect 5.0 (MAC OS X Server) Copying/Closing Forever

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I'm using Retrospect 5.0.238 to backup 20 clients ranging from W9x, WinXP, Mac OS9, Mac OS X.

Somehow jobs status always get stucked randomly on any clients, either message with "closing" (more

often) or "copying". The job gets stucked for several days. The only way I can stop this job is to eject

the tape. Any ideas...?



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I'm using an external HPSureStore DAT24. MAC OS X 10.2.4.



Funny.... Sometimes it will backup selected clients, sometimes it stops at...

1) Copying

2) Closing


It will at the same time backup some clients successfully. The problem is not uniform,

that is it may stop at certain workstation this time, if I create another backup job, it will stops at another different client (Client can be PC or Mac, Can also be on different segment of network).


I've made sure no screen saver & pwr mgmt is disabled on workstations.




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First off make sure your SCSI setup is fully supported under OSX



Try moving the SCSI card to a different slot and do the same with the network card if you can. I would also run some test backups under OS9 if possible.


What is the model, CPU, RAM setup on this mac?




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