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Data Offset errors and Entourage on OS X


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We have Multi-Server 6.5.


We have a proactive backup that runs daytime to back up laptop users. On an OS X client running Entourage as their email client, we get execution errors in the log.


We usually get "different modify date/time" errors on Entourage backups, caused, of course, by the user modifying their Entourage database file with new emails, events, etc. during the backup process.


However, on this OS X client, I get a data offset error, which I've always thought as more serious that the error mentioned before.


The data offset often states 0 afterwards, although it can also state another much higher number.


Two questions:


* Is this any more serious than the "different modify date/time" error?

* Does this error mean that in the event of a restore, the user's files are likely to be unusable by Entourage?



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OK, this is more serious now.




I have just performed a test restore of the Entourage X identity and although the restore succeeds, the file is not valid.




It was restored onto our Windows server (which is running Retrospect 6.5). If I try to copy it onto a Mac across the network, it fails with a read error.




This suggests the data offset error is more serious than a simple "Different modify date/time" error.




Anyone else experienced this and found a workaround?

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Data Offset errors are not the same as a modify date/time error.


Data Offset and resource offset are indications of data corruption.




If you restore a Mac file to a PC and try to copy it to a Mac with filesharing, it will loose type/creator info making it an invalid Mac file.

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Restoring to my Mac seems to result in a working copy. I also duplicated the restored files okay, so the database file (>2GB) was read from start to finish - no problems this time.


I put it into Entourage and it accepted the identity fine, although of course I didn't access all the info to check!


Still concerned about the Data Offset error - it is strange this is the only time I have ever got it and it is on our only OS X machine running Entourage X.


Does Data Offset mean the original data was corrupt in some way (in which case I will run an Entourage database rebuild on that workstation) or that the file on the backup is corrupt?

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