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Tape or Hard Drives for major system upgrade?

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I have been asked to plan a full system upgrade! (Yay!!!)


I currently have about 100 desktop machines on our Retrospect Workgroups 4.3 server.

It is a G3 with an external 6x40 Dat drive that takes 8-10 tapes for each weekly backup set of about 250GB. (I have been told not to alter my current backup procedures.)

With 6 sets of backups, that's more tapes than I like to shuffle around on a regular basis.


I'm being asked to get pricing on a G5 with backup media that is faster and has greater capacity than the DDS-4 tapes we are now using. My first thought was LTO, but I then ran across the idea of using an external hard drive (firewire) and like that very much. In addition, the Retrospect software will probably have to go from Workgroup to Server because we have some new OS X machines in the department.


My question is, does anyone have any better ideas or any opinions? If you've worked with firewire drives on Retrospect, I'd love to hear about your experiene. Everyone around here seems stunned when I give them the weekly stats and then never get back with me.

I appreciate any help/advice.




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