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RP needs to "continue on error"


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I've been having some problems with a USB2 drive (too much odd behavior to go into here). Sometimes Retrospect isn't able to see the drive, sometimes it returns a -102 "trouble communicating" error (i.e. it found the drive and got started but something went wrong). There's something going on here at the OS or drive level that's not Retro's fault.


*However*, yesterday I looked at the PC and saw the "Error -102 trouble communicating" dialog sitting on the screen based on an attempt to backup to this drive. "Behind" this script where three more scripts--which would have run just fine since they backup to other drives--being held up by the error message and dialog. I had to manually click on the [OK] and then cancel that job to get RP to move onto the next ones. This is simply unacceptable for a backup program. Log the error, but *continue on error* and do the other backups!


I looked around for an explicit [x] "Continue on error" (should be the default) in the general Preference area but didn't find one. Doing a "Shift-Ctrl-Alt-PP" to bring up the "Secret" panel shows an Execution==> "Stop on error" (not checked) and "Continue on scanning errors" (odd wording, "scanning errors"?) which was (default) not checked but which I have now turned on. I don't know if this will/would have been a workaround for this issue (failed backup ==> dialog ==> prevents other scheduled scripts from running). In any case, this halt problem should be addressed in a more obvious, user-friendly and default fashion.


Retrospect version 6.5.336

RDU 4.5.101

XP SP1 (RP6.5, on another PC backing up across a 100Mbps LAN)

W2K SP4 (USB2 drive PC)


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Did any of the subesequent scripts use backup sets on the external drive? Did they use sources that were listed in the first script? That may explain why it stopped.


The "errors on scan" setting isn't going to help you here. That only helps when Retrospect fails on the initial file scan.


Try turing off the setting for "notify for failures and media" in the shutdown preferences. Who was Retrospect logged in as when the failures occurred?





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No, none of the three subsequent pending backups used the failed USB drive as a backup source or destination. I think the "source" of the problem is pretty obvious--a modal dialog that required the user to click on an [OK] button before it could be dismissed or RP would continue.


I could try turning off the "Notify on Failure" option but the truth is I want to be notified (and "Notify" is the key word here. Notify != halt) if there's a media failure. If I turn off the Notify option, I assume that a message will still be put in th log. But will RP then silently continue (no warning message) so that I may not notice for weeks that a backup set is failing?


And RP was logged in as me (admin-level account, set up on the Security tab) as a scheduled launch.

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December check-in:


Last night, three backups sets, auto-scheduled to run sequentially.


On the first one, the destination (network drive) couldn't be accessed. The network drives for the destinations for the other two (pending) backup sets were perfectly accessible.


RP6.5.336, RDU 4.6.106 threw up its hands and put up an error dialog, waiting for someone to click on it.


The *correct* behavior would be to *log* the error (only throwing up a dialog if it wouldn't interfere anything) and *continue on error* with the other two backups. Note that this was not a "media failure* (nothing was wrong with the actual media. RP just couldn't get at the drive since it was off-line). And, regardless of that, there wasn't anything wrong with the media or accessibility for the other two pending backup sets.

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