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Exchange server - won't work after disaster recovery & DB restore

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In a test environment with Windows 2000 SBS server, I am doing the following:


* backup server with Ret. 6.5 server - includes C:, Exchange "container", system state

* clean load (from GHOST image) of C: back to Windows 2000 server (to save time, I could use Windows 2000 server CD if required but I don't see the point)

* restore of C: (volume restore) from Ret 6.5 backup set - worked great

* ADS restore via Retrospect Helper in dir. serv. restore mode - worked great

* restore of Exchange Database from Ret 6.5 backup set - worked great(?)


Windows 2000 SBS seems fine. ADS, DNS, etc.... OK as far as I can tell.


Exchange won't start, seems to think the database is missing/corrupt. Is there some other step that is a prerequisite for this operation? Or some other sneaky little trick? M: drive never re-appears, since Exchange services can't come back from the grave I guess. Snap-in says Exchange containers are toast, haven't looked at event log that much just yet.


I wonder if this is more of an MS problem than Retrospect, since the Exchange DB appears to have restored just fine per the logs. I guess I trust Retrospect more than Exchange.


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I would restore all of the general data files, and OS (including the registry). Restart and let the helper service do it's part. Once the system is running, then restore the Storage Groups that you backed up using the Exchange Add-on.


Do you get any errors in the Event Logs?

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I tried the restore using the techniques you advised - but no luck.


Since then, I've found some more notes in the Retrospect docs about unmounting the Exchange data store BEFORE doing the restore (page 277? or so). That's something I haven't tried yet. There might be some kind of problem with the Exchange transaction logs being open during the restore. Again, something in the Retrospect documentation that I just found.


In terms of the event log, well, there's no doubt some entries - since Exchange won't start. Nothing new as far as MS Exchange goes - it just loves posting event log errors smirk.gif on most servers I've seen.


I've done some more restore tests - using GHOST - and Exchange comes up just fine following a GHOST restore. The M: drive is available as well, Outlook client comes on line with email and public folders.


It's only following the Retrospect restore of the Exchange stores that Exchange is disabled. So I'll try the unmount of the Exchange stores first, then do the Retrospect restore, and see what happens. I'm a bit surprised that Retrospect doesn't warn against this - or offer to unmount the Exchange stores for me - before restoring them. It just goes right ahead and restores them - effectively disabling Exchange as a result. As a tech friend of mine would say, "less than optimal results".



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