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How can I configure a script to do this?


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I am using Retrospect Server 5.1 for Mac OS X. I have a Dell autoloader attached to it that holds 8 ultrium tapes.


I currently have it configured to run the 5 day rotation as described in the tutorial. As I understand it, this will let me restore data from up to one week ago.


I would really rather have two weeks of data available at all times, with backups only happening on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. This should be possible, because it only requires 6 tapes and I have 8 available. (at least to my way of thinking)


I don't really understand how Retrospect allocates tapes to backup sets though. I can't seem to find a way to tell it to use a specific set with a specific tape. Also, I think that telling it to use a certain tape every other Monday, Wednesday, Friday etc. is going to be tricky.


Is there a solution for this?



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Ok so I figured this out. I will save anyone else the trouble.


Use the Weeks field in the scheduler to set up two sets of backups on opposing weeks. By setting the Weeks field to 2, they each skip every other week and things work out the way they should.


This part of the interface could really do with a makeover. It would make more sense to configure repeating backups through a monthly configuration, and then repeat the month over and over again.



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