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retrospect headaches

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I am running 5.0.238 Server on a Dual 533mhz . I am running Mac OSX 10.2.8. I have recently encountered a problem. I was running a full backup of various machines that I have been doing on a regular basis once a week for about 2 years now. It stopped its backup half way through giving me a Voluume Full -54 error. I went and looked at the machine and sure enough the "Os" drive had only 400mb left on the drive out of a 40gb drive. I then had to find out what the culprit was because other than a os install, retrospect and snapshots of the backups there is nothing else kept on the machine. There should have been almost 30gb of space on this drive. After doing some investigation in the

/private/var/tmp directory there were multiple files over 4gb a piece!!!!! the directories were named like "4d9-3f8c7333-8ea9f-6mwTr1" and in each one of these directories were a 10000123.dbf file or something similar. This is hapening when it is running a recycle media backup or a new media backup. Is there an explanation? I updated this machine to 10.2.8 after Apple re-released the patch. This is the only thing I can think of that is majorly different to the machine that has been installed on this machine recently. Any help would be appreciated.

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