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Replicated Data Sets in Active Directory


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I've been reading up on the advantages and disadvantages of using ntbackup.exe and other third party products such as Retrospect to back up multiple domain controllers (Win Server 2003-based). From what I've been able to tell, ntbackup.exe is a bear to use. However, I do have a question:


ntbackup.exe allows an administrator to restore in authoritative and non-authoritative modes to control the direction of AD replication throughout the domain. This could possibly be VERY important when restoring an entire domain or forest. I can't seem to find anything in the Retrospect docs about this.


Thanks in advance!

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I am far from an expert on this so don't laugh.


Retrospect does not have any built in features like this however you could do the restore with your server off of the network. Once it has been restored you can log in and make changes to replication settings.


My apologies if that is totaly off base



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