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DRX510UL with 6.0 - two probs


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1. Don't know why, but my External Sony DVD+/-RW shows up as the internal model, DRU510A -- although it does show up as a USB device.


2. I can't get it to work as a DVD+/-RW, only as a CD-RW, using Retrospect 6.0.


I followed the instructions on how to configure an unknown device, but the drive would only start the configuration process with CD-RW and did NOT ask if I wanted to try other media (a step the instructions on the Dantz site shows).


Bottom line:

- do DVD burners work with 6.0?

- does this Sony top-of-the-line model not work with 6.0?

- what have users done to make this drive work?



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That isn't my unit -- I have a DRX510UL.


Part of the trouble is that Retrospect mis-identifies my burner as a DRU510A (internal), when it is in fact the DRX510UL (external).


In addition, it will not let me use DVDs, even though the same list shows that the DRX510UL is certified for DVDs with version 5.0 for firewire connection, and 6.0 with USB 2.0.


I just can't seem to find a way to tell Retrospect, "hey, that's not the kind of drive I have". The auto-configure works for CD-RW but, again, it won't let me do DVD-RWs/+RWs.





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The drive mechanism is probably the same in both the internal and external versions of the drive. That is why Retrospect sees it as the DRX510UA. Retrospect has no way to modify that data string - it just lists what the drive reports to the computer.


Firewire and USB bridges can have a big influence on device recognition and communication. I suspect that may be a big part of the problem.


Have you tried the auto configuration with the trial version of Retrospect 6.5? That may answer some questions for us.



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(note: for some reason this damn forum doesn't accept my replies every time -- I replied to Nate days ago and just now see that no reply exists. Weird -- and as someone who installs/runs Invision/phpBB boards, I typically know what I'm doing...)




You're absolutely right -- and I TOTALLY didn't think that the internal mechanisms might be the same (forehead slap!).


I hadn't seen a trial of 6.5 but I'll seek it out and give it a try -- and report back.


Thanks so much for your help!



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