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eject problem with retro 6 and exbyte autoloader 1x10


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I'm using exabyte autoloader 1x10 with retrospect 6.0 because retrospect was the only backup program that was certified for the exabyte. It works great excpet the changing tapes automatically. We have 2 backup set, one daily and the other weekend. On sat. the retrospect recognize that the tape is not the right tape, so it unloads the tape and try to load the right tape (weekend tape). And that's when the problem occurs. The retrospect sends a signal to loader to change the tape. The exabyte autoloader shows the message unloading as it should, but at the end of unloading, the message shows tape is ejected. tape ejected is not same as unmounted which is needed before it can mount another tape. So, the retrospect can not proceed to the weekend backup because the daily back up is still mounted on the loader. According to exabyte, retrospect is sending wrong signal to the loader and that's why it's stoping at the eject not at the dismount and mount the right tape. Any comment on this?? Also I updated retrospec & autoloader to the latest update as of 10/11/2003.

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