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Recent back-up problem


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For my Windows 98 HP computor, I back-up to a 20 GB external Iomega portable hard drive. Several months ago I upgraded my Dantz software to Dantz retrospect 6.0 It has been working great but now won't allow me to continue as usual. It scans & matches but then a new box appears "select a disk to add as storage, to my backup set. (All data will probably fit on one new 18. 0 G disk) My HP 55.9 G is 90% free, The Iomega 18.7 G is 66% free.

when I select Iomega for back-up, window appears saying: add new member to backup set.

Volume Iomega_HDD using folder "2 My backup" Type: Local Volume, Filing System: FAT 32,

Used: 6.3 G, Free 12.4 G(66%free) Total: 18.7G, Use at most 12G or 66%. Hit OK & Retrospect Error box pops-up: This disk is in use as another member, choose another disk or location. Please help and advise. Thank you....Jason

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Check the properties of the existing member to see if you limited the size on creation.


Go to Configure > Backup Sets

Get Properties on the set in question

Go to Members

Get Properties on the first member to see allowed size


Also, check the operations log for errors. If there were any fatal device errors (203 hardware failure, etc.) Retrospect will require that you move on to the next disk member.

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