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Off-site tape rotation prob.??


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I need to rotate tapes in weekly basis to the off-site. I have retrospec 6.0 and been trying to set it up, but have problem. I use new media back up as the help file recommanded, but it's not working as I expected. The problem is this. I created a backupset and back up a folder that has 5 files. Then I used new media backup which created backupset [100] and back up the same folder which it backed up 5 files again. Then I added a file to the folder and used the original tape which recognized and backed up a file as an normal back up. Then I added two more files to the folder and put in the second tape which is also recognized and used backupset [100] config. However, it backed up three files not two files. Normal back up supposed to back up what's been changed since the last backup. The way I see it, those two backup sets are not in sync because the flag for the backup is in each backupset files independent from each other. That is a big prob. Because if I'm in two week rotation, when week1 tape comes back at week3 it will try to back up whatever changed since the last back up of week1 not week2. which means it will back up again for the whole week2 changes. Which will cause dramatic increase in back up time and it's something I don't have. My company works 7 days/a week. The back up has to finish by the time the company oftens in the morning and I can start back up untill 11:00 PM because of the end of day jobs has to run before that. Any suggestions on how to rotate tapes??

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New media backup sets create a brand new set with that [xxx] numbering on the end. Because it is a new set it backs up everything from scratch. I'm not sure this is what you had in mind...


I think you are looking for one of the following:

a)Do normal backups all the time - this will never erase your tapes so you keep all the data. Every backup will be an incremental backup of a varying size




b)Do a recycle backup the first day when you rotate a set back in. The first backup will erase the tapes and backup every thing but the rest of the normal backups will be incremental.


If you can post some specific details about what you want to do with your old data (3weeks or more) then we can make a better recommendation.




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