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IRIX as a client

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I would like to back up SGI IRIX 6.x machine from W2k Retrospect 6.0 Multiserver's tape drive. So, here it goes:


- Am I correct that in order to back it up as a volume (i.e., user data only), I will have to run a SAMBA server on it?

- The user is reluctant (I do understand her) give to the backup machine root login, because we were unable to set both sides for encrypted connection.


Your help and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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You will only need to give Retrospect Root access if you plan on backing up a huge number of user's data on the SAMBA server.


I would set up a share point for each user and have Retrospect log into each one using different credentials. You can set this in the configure/ volumes menu for Retrospect.


For a backup all you need is read access so that should be sufficient



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