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Finder Crash opening Retrospect Desktop 5.1 CD

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I installed Retrospect Desktop 5.1 on my Mac via electronic download. I also ordered physical delivery and tonight cracked the seal on the package and mounted the CD. The CD mounts on the desktop. Double-clicking the CD begins to open a Finder window for such, then Finder crashes.




I suspect this may be due to the fact that (1) this CD is bootable in Mac OS X and (2) I have a Power Mac G4 Dual 500MHz (Gigabit Ethernet).




If Dantz is distributing the 5.1 CDs with the same "slimmed down" version of Mac OS X that Alsoft uses for their bootable Disk Warrior 3.0 CD, the Alsoft folks have told me this is a problem with the Mac OS X distribution and dual processor (DP) Macs. Either that, or I have a defective CD.




Other CDs mount and open fine.




My System: Power Mac G4 Dual 500 MHz. 115 Gb RAM. Factory-installed DVD-RAM drive. Mac OS X 10.2.8 (latest version).




Note: The Retrospect 5.1 CD mounts and opens fine on my iBook 700MHz running Mac OS X 10.2.6. It is only a problem on my Power Mac G4 Dual 500MHz.




Here is the Finder crash log from attempting to open the CD from the Desktop:




Date/Time: 2003-10-11 01:37:33 -0500


OS Version: 10.2.8 (Build 6R73)


Host: Dr-Smokes-Computer.local.




Command: Finder


PID: 998




Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)


Code[0]: 0x0000000aCode[1]: 0x02fce004




Thread 0 Crashed:


#0 0x90249bb8 in CheckMapHeaderCommon


#1 0x9023d92c in PrepareForkInstanceResourceInfo


#2 0x90241990 in RMOpenResourceFileRef


#3 0x905225c8 in CFileBasedIconLoader::OpenResourceFile(FSRef const*, OpaqueMappedResourceFileRef**)


#4 0x9051f8b4 in CFileBasedIconLoader::CFileBasedIconLoader[unified](CIconStorageEntry*, FSRef const*, short, unsigned long, short, short*)


#5 0x90519094 in _ISGetStorageByIconFile


#6 0x9300613c in ISBuildBaseImage(FSRef const*, HFSUniStr255 const*, unsigned long*, FSCatalogInfo*, CustomBadgeResource*)


#7 0x930089d0 in GetImageForFSItem


#8 0x93006e44 in GetIconRefFromFileInfo


#9 0x9073aa88 in TMetaData::ReadIconRef(OpaqueIconRef*&, bool) const


#10 0x90740b28 in THFSPlusRef::ReadIconRef(OpaqueIconRef*&, bool) const


#11 0x9073fbf0 in THFSPlusStore::ReadIconRef(OpaqueIconRef*&) const


#12 0x90737c08 in THFSPlusStore::GetIconRef(TPropertyReference&) const


#13 0x90731ca8 in THFSPlusStore::GetProperty(unsigned long, TPropertyReference&) const


#14 0x907334b8 in TNode::GetProperty(unsigned long, TPropertyReference&, unsigned long long&) const


#15 0x90731eac in GetNodeProperty(OpaqueNodeRef const*, unsigned long, unsigned long long*, TPropertyReference&)


#16 0x9073591c in GetNodePropertyAsIconRef


#17 0x00011c54 in 0x11c54


#18 0x00005214 in 0x5214


#19 0x00007898 in 0x7898


#20 0x00013130 in 0x13130


#21 0x0000cd54 in 0xcd54


#22 0x00023010 in 0x23010


#23 0x95020d6c in LView::Draw(OpaqueRgnHandle*)


#24 0x95020d9c in LView::Draw(OpaqueRgnHandle*)


#25 0x95020d9c in LView::Draw(OpaqueRgnHandle*)


#26 0x95020d9c in LView::Draw(OpaqueRgnHandle*)


#27 0x95020d9c in LView::Draw(OpaqueRgnHandle*)


#28 0x95023f30 in LWindow::UpdatePort()


#29 0x00023984 in 0x23984


#30 0x00011934 in 0x11934


#31 0x969a2c54 in DispatchEventToHandlers


#32 0x969a2fbc in SendEventToEventTargetInternal


#33 0x969a63d0 in SendEventToEventTargetWithOptions


#34 0x969e79ec in HandleWindowEvent(OpaqueEventRef*, unsigned long)


#35 0x969b28a8 in ToolboxEventDispatcherHandler(OpaqueEventHandlerCallRef*, OpaqueEventRef*, void*)


#36 0x969a2d0c in DispatchEventToHandlers


#37 0x969a2fbc in SendEventToEventTargetInternal


#38 0x969b5494 in SendEventToEventTarget


#39 0x969b7258 in ToolboxEventDispatcher(OpaqueEventRef*)


#40 0x969c8740 in CallEventDispatchHook


#41 0x969b3c90 in TryEventDispatcher


#42 0x969a4570 in GetOrPeekEvent


#43 0x969a421c in GetNextEventMatchingMask


#44 0x969a8054 in WNEInternal


#45 0x969adf0c in WaitNextEvent


#46 0x00004a00 in 0x4a00


#47 0x0000946c in 0x946c


#48 0x00028478 in 0x28478


#49 0x000274fc in 0x274fc


#50 0x0002737c in 0x2737c




Thread 1:


#0 0x90042588 in semaphore_timedwait_signal_trap


#1 0x9003e7b4 in _pthread_cond_wait


#2 0x9022ffa4 in MPWaitOnQueue


#3 0x90736fc4 in TNodeSyncTask::SyncTaskProc(void*)


#4 0x9025e364 in PrivateMPEntryPoint


#5 0x90020c28 in _pthread_body




Thread 2:


#0 0x90042588 in semaphore_timedwait_signal_trap


#1 0x9003e7b4 in _pthread_cond_wait


#2 0x0005cb9c in 0x5cb9c


#3 0x001d34e8 in 0x1d34e8


#4 0x0005c0f0 in 0x5c0f0


#5 0x90020c28 in _pthread_body




PPC Thread State:


srr0: 0x90249bb8 srr1: 0x0200f030 vrsave: 0x00000000


xer: 0x00000000 lr: 0x9023d92c ctr: 0x90015860 mq: 0x00000000


r0: 0x000000c5 r1: 0xbfffd3e0 r2: 0x8802824e r3: 0x02fce000


r4: 0x000427e6 r5: 0x00000001 r6: 0x00000002 r7: 0x0000000c


r8: 0x00000000 r9: 0x00000000 r10: 0x9023d528 r11: 0xa02215e4


r12: 0x90015860 r13: 0x00000000 r14: 0x00000000 r15: 0x00000000


r16: 0x00000000 r17: 0x00000000 r18: 0x00000000 r19: 0x00000000


r20: 0x00000002 r21: 0x00000000 r22: 0xbfffe5c0 r23: 0x00000000


r24: 0xbfffdc40 r25: 0xbfffdbc0 r26: 0x0000000d r27: 0x0000004d


r28: 0x02f6d8e0 r29: 0x02fce000 r30: 0x00000000 r31: 0x9051f850

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