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Retrospect- applications broken after duplication

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I used Retrospect to duplicate my working OSX partition from the main internal HD to a partition on a second internal HD as my backup system – which permits me to boot from the second HD in case of emergency. Both partitions are the first on their HD and the duplicate partition boots normally. However two programs, Apple “Address Book” and Apple “Mail” are broken on the duplicated partition.


• Apple “Address Book” shows the group and name column, but the third detail column is blank.


•Apple “Mail” is erratic and generally ends up with a blank white window and the program frozen (no action on mouse) – must use force quit to close


Details of hardware and software are as follow:


• Quicksilver G4 with 1.5 GB memory

• 80 GB Western digital HD as main internal drive

• 120 GB Western digital HD as secondary internal drive

• Mac OS X 10.2.8 (6R73)

• Retrospect v 5.1.175

• Apple “Address Book” v 3.0.3

• Apple “Mail” v1.2.5.v552


Ran “permissions repair” before and after duplication but did not fix problem. I ran the Retrospect duplication process twice with the same problems generated.


How can I avoid the broken applications when I duplicate partitions with Retrospect?


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