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I am a new 6.5 user, running on XP and "trying" to backup to a memorex 2.4 dvd writer.


I am consistanly having problems after 5-7 days with "hardware" failures.


This, beyond being very frustrating, is unacceptable to me.


I had to do a custom configuration device for 6.5 to see the dvd writer. The dvd is

being accessed through a USB 2.0 Hub - card in the PC.


I'd love to make this HW work, but I fear it will never.


So ...


Can you recommend a rock solid, backup hardware solution, I would like the name

of the most stable, multi gig back up solution you have. I would think it would use

an usb2 or firewire connection.



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I second this call for providing at least two standard "clean" configurations for each of cdrw, dvd, onboard xtra drive, usb attached drive. Standard configuration should show a check list of the following:

-specific model of back up device and firmware

-connection to computer (secondary ide/scsi/usb/master/slave)

-operating system (win2k/xp)

-tweaks done to operating system (i.e. disabling any device controllers)

-tweaks done to Retrospect (i.e. nt passthru, etc)

-other installed softwares & version (aspi, etc)

- things to do when running a backup (i.e. shut off anti virus, etc.)

-list of specific software titles which have potential software conflicts

(I realise there are ways to to work with Nero/Roxio however an entry level user could sure use the checklist of names instead of a generic statement about "cd authoring software" which they may not realise are installed)


Users would likely not have the exact configuration above. However, if these standard configurations were formatted into two page checklists, they would assist entry level users to more quickly identify potential problems with their installation by looking for differences.


Retrospect is an excellent backup program but with the explosion of backup devices and connection technologies coming on to the market, these standard, working, configurations would be very useful. Technically sophisticated users with a lot of Retrospect experience will not change to these standard configurations but I believe this approach would let you attract more new users.

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It sounds like you are getting error 203? Have you tried running a backup using a USB1 controller instead? Slow for sure but a flaky USB2 card could generate this kind of error.


If the custom driver set up went OK then backups should as well. That's why I'm wondering about your card.


What OS is this? What does Retrospect recognize your device as in the cofigure->devices->environment window?




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Actually this is the lof error


and it seems to happen 5 to 7 days into a DVD - not the first time


the error


Device trouble: "1-Backup Set A", error -205 (lost access to storage medium)

10/10/2003 4:07:57 PM: Execution stopped by operator

Remaining: 1 files, 50 KB

Completed: 0 files, zero KB

Performance: 0.0 MB/minute

Duration: 00:18:17 (00:12:53 idle/loading/preparing)



I really have not seen many USB 2 devices, but ...

the dvd has a multi pin connector on it, the USB side doesn't look like it would go into my std

usb 1 port.


The card also support firewire - but I don't know now if changing port types will mess up

my backup.


Again, do you have any known rock solid stable hw that once can use this software with?


I am running XP SP1


I did a custom config - and see the correct name, type and driver type of my dvd player

- but I think this was all determined in my custom config setup.


Being a new user, I don't know what the tweaks are that the other person replying to this

post was/are - can anyone point me to a faq there?




Mike - the rookie



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