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Regarding throughput backing up to AIT...

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I have a question some of you might have a similar experience with. I'm using Retrospect 5.0.238 on OSX backing up media to Sony AIT. All my drives are connected with UltraSCSI 3 cards, and sometimes I get great throughput during my backup sessions, up 500+MB a minute at peak times in the backup process, and on the other side of the spectrum in the same session data throughput will slow down to a crawl, as low as 1-2MB per minute, then will surge back up. I'm just concerned there might be something else going on in my systems. The machines used are ordinary typical CPU's with ATTO cards and are dedicated backup systems. I have no other weirdnesses, all is a smooth operation. Any ideas on I can maintain a more consistent high data rate?


Thanks! ribofunk

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Can you give some details on the source data/ computers you are backing up? Specifically how are they connected to the backup server and what kinds of files are you backing up when things are going slowly? Can you narrow it down to one machine?




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