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Hi all



B+W G3/450 768Mb

Mac OS X Server 10.2.8 (6R73)



Driver Version 2.0.0f8

Flash Version 1.6.6f0


Retrospect Server 5.1.175

Retrospect Driver Update 4.1.109

Retrospect SCSI update


Sony StorStation Lib81 Library with AIT2 drive

Library SCSI id 0 Parity:Yes

Drive SCSI id 1 Parity:Yes


Everything was working fine until I upgraded the ATTO driver/Flash Version and upgraded from Retrospect Server 5.1.167 to 5.1.175

I am able to do one network backup (immediate backup/backup script or backup server script) from then on any type of backup will freeze (or appear to) after selecting the tape, at the "preparing to execute" phase. The mouse will remain responsive for a little while ie it will still move although clicking will do nothing at this stage, so pressing stop in Retrospect doesn't work - yet. Pressing option+command+esc won't bring up the "force quit" dialogue - yet. Eventually the mouse stops responding all together. All network services stop responding. Approx 10 minutes later computer comes back to life - no restart, "force quit" dialogue appears, Retrospect "Do You Really Want To Stop" dialogue appears. Press stop and Retrospect cancels the execution. All services are running fine again.


Retrospect never backups again until I reinstall Retrospect/RDU/SCSI update (same preferences) then I am able to backup again - once.


Any ideas



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Lots of reasons actually:




The upgraded firmware and the vintage of the machine are the biggest red flags to me. The newest ATTO drivers were really designed for G5 machines. There is always a possibility that the new commands introduced by the driver are not running properly on your G3.




The PCI slot thing sorts out problems in some cases. It is worth a try at least.





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