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Errors in Backup Report

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I receive a couple of errors in my backup report for DR 5.1. This is the first time I've run DR, so I don't know what the errors mean, and am looking for some help to see if they need to be corrected. Thanks!


Errors look like this:


File "mailuser" appears incomplete, path: "/var/spool/mail/mailuser".

Can't read file "differentmailuser", error -24278 (unexpected end of file), path: "/var/spool/mail/differentmailuser".


Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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You can ignore any of those messages about files in var/spool. The contents of that directory change all the time (/var stands for "variable" or something like that)


If you are concerned about it I would run the backup again. It will try to pick up any files that gave errors the last time around



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