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Multi-Server Multi-Install?


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Hi. We're in the process of migrating our network environment over to some new equipment. We've decided to go with Retrospect for both the servers and clients this time around. We've split up the back up processes into two separate groups. The servers will all be backed up to an LTO tape auto-loader connected to one of the three servers that we have (Win 2003 on all three), and the clients will be backed up to a NAS device that we're adding specifically for this purpose.


My question is:


In order to split up the load of the two back up processes, can I load a copy of Multi-Server on both the server with the LTO and the NAS and run them separately, or does our license only allow me a single installation of the application? If its the latter, which would be the better way to go -- to load it onto the NAS and run all of the backups from there, or on the server with the LTO attached?

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