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Server: No privileges

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I keep getting an error message "-5000 (server: no privileges) when I try to create a backup destination across my network. I have a network in my house as follows: iMac G4 with retorspect 5.o installed, a G3 with retrospect client 5.0 installed and a Powerbook G3 with retropect client 5.0 installed. The imac is running OSX and the other machines are running 9.2. I am able to mount all hard drives on my imac in the normal fashion and can copy files using drag and drop in the standard file sharing way. I have full read/write privilges enabled on my G3 and Powerbook. I must be missing something basic in the Retrospect setup as it seems to me that if I can copy files across my network outside of retrospect then I should be able to backup from within Retrospect as well. Help!!!

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Ken writes:




I must be missing something basic in the Retrospect setup as it seems to me that if I can copy files across my network outside of retrospect then I should be able to backup from within Retrospect as well. Help!!!




This has been addressed numerous times on this board. I'd suggestthat doing a keyword search before posting a new message.




Here's a message that has been posted to multiple-threads in the two weeks since Retrospect 5.0 came out:



Here's the scoop for backing up to a File Type backup set stored on mounted server volumes:




Netware doesn't work. Sorry.




AFP (Apple File Protocol) servers do work, but only with proper configuration and with some limitations.




Here's the problem; when you mount an AFP server volume from the Aqua Finder, the Mac OS comes to an understanding that you (the current Aqua user) is authorized to access the files on that volume (since you provided the correct login/password).




But Retrospect is not running as the current Aqua user; Retrospect is running as root (necessary to have access to all the files on your system). When Retrospect attempts to access files on this mounted volume, the Mac OS says sorry, you don't have the right.




But there is a way. If you have Retrospect login the volume, everything works. Here's how:




- Mount the AFP volume with your login/password


- In Retrospect's Configure->Volumes tab, select the mounted volume and choose "Configure..." from the Volumes menu (or press Command+J)


- Enter the password for this volume


- Choose "Put Away" from the Volume menu (or unmount the volume from the Finder)


- Now select the grey icon of the volume and click either the Subvolume or Browse button




Retrospect will then mount the volume, and you can create a File Type backup set in any directory for which you have write access. If you use scripts, Retrospect will auto-mount the volume for the script, and dismount it when done. Security can be maintained by using Retrospect's "always authenticate" feature.




Note that if Retrospect mounts the server you won't be able to view it from the Finder! Same reason as before; the Mac OS isn't going to give access to an AFP volume to another user then the one who mounted it.




One caution: if you have an existing file you wish to move to a mounted server, there's a problem. Once you copy the file to your server directory, Retrospect will not be able to "see" this file from its GetFile dialog box in:


Configure->Backup Sets->More->Open


UNLESS the entire path to the location is world readable. Now, it only has to be world readable for the time it takes to 'open' the File; after that Retrospect will be able to use the catalog. But for many server users this simply will not be possible (try asking a unix server admin to do that and watch the steam explode out of his/her ears!).




One way around this is to use Tools->Copy->Transfer and move the contents of your existing file to a new file created using the steps above. The downside here is that you will loose any older Snapshots in the process, but all the data will move over and be accessible for restores.









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The command-J solution doesn't work for AFP volumes mounted from a Windows 2000 machine. In fact, remounting from within Retrospect 5.0.205, as suggested, causes Retrospect to quit without an error message.




The only way I have ever gotten Retrospect to back up to an AFP share mounted from Windows 2000 is to allow the Everyone group Full Control of the share (which is unacceptable in an open network).




I can only guess that Retrospect either tries to log in as Guest or chokes on the UAM. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Has anyone had success with this?





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