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Proactive backups and auto-loaders


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I'm running a fairly standard three set backup script, 1 set per week, rotates each week. I've got Retrospect 6.5 Multi-server backing up to a 10 tape auto-loader.


I've also been running pro-active backup duriing the day to capture systems that aren't getting backed up at night.


The problem is that the proactive backup server will grab any untitled tape and label it for a tape set that is not currently in the loader.


For example, this week the autoloader has several tape set C members and some untitled tapes loaded. Retrospect has taken one of the untitled tapes during the day while running the backup server and labeled it for the last member of tape Set B.


How can I manage this effectively? I don't see a way to schedule the proactive backup the way I do regular scripted backups, aside from setting the allowed time of operation.



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In the configure->preferences menu turn off the automatically skip to blank media option. That will keep retrospect from grabbing a new tape until the last member is full.


You could also pre name your tapes to prevent the proactive backup from overwriting them. Go to the properties for each backup set add members from the members tab. Once a tape is named Retrospect will not automatically add it to another set.



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