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Problem with files over 100GB?

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I am running Retrospect Workgroup 5.0 for Mac (version 5.0.238) and using it in the Backup Server mode. The computer is an Apple G4/400, 320MB of RAM, running OS X. I have 2 x 180MB Firewire drives connected to this computer. The backup server alternates between the two Firewire drives...performing daily incremental backups of 35 or so Macs and Windows computers to one drive on a day and then to the other drive on the next day.


On a monthly basis I back this single file onto tape using Sony SDX-D500C AIT-2 tape drives (for off-site storage). The file usually requires two AIT-2 50GB tapes to complete the backup.




The single file that the backup server writes to on the Firewire drives has grown to over 100GB and it will not successfully backup to the tape drives.


When Retrospect attempts to back this 100GB+ file to tape, it never finishes the task. The software just keeps asking for another new tape and says that the backup will fit on a "new 97GB tape". It takes several hours to write and verify this new tape and then it says it requires another 97GB tape.


Just for laughs I have let it run through 6 tapes so far and it's still asking for more! Obviously it is stuck in some sort of infinite loop.




Is this a known problem or limitation of the software? Is there some sort of magical number that a file size cannot exceed when being backed up to a tape?


When the file size is below 100GB, everything works fine and the file is backed up onto two AIT-2 50GB tapes without a problem.


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