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Overland AIT library/Xserve/Apple ATTO UL3S66/Retrospect 5.1

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Can anyone help?


I have recently installed an Xserve with OS X server 10.2.8 and retrospect 5.1.

I have attached an Overland AIT-2 Powerloader to the pre-installed Apple SCSI card (ATTO UL3S66) and configured retrospect to backup.


The backup has now run a couple of times and is generating errors on verification.

The errors are all "miscompare data offset" errors, according to the Dantz support, this could be down to a SCSI issue. Every component seems to be qualified by Dantz and I have applied the Retrospect SCSI update and the latest version of 5.1.


I am scheduled to install a few more similar systems over the next couple of weeks and this could be a massive problem!




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What version of the ATTO driver are you using? Have you tried both the 1.6x version and the 2.x version?


I imagine this SCSI cable is new but do you have another you can try? I know it sounds far fetched but it has fixed things for me in the past.



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