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Retrospect WG and Sony/Lacie Library

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I have a Mac OS X Server 10.2.6 running Retrospect Workgroup 5.0.238 with Driver Update 3.6.106. The device is a Lacie AIT 3 8 Cart Library (Sony LIB-81) connect via 68-68 Pin SCSI via a ATTO Express PCI Pro UL3D SCSI Card.


My issue is that Retrospect doesn't recognize it as a Library. It sees it as a Sony AIT-3 DC. I assume I would see another and or a modified button in the 'storage devices panel' to control the tapes. I cannot control the library from within Retrospect, I can manually rotate the tapes from the front panel of the library to successfully complete the backups.


The hardware devices table indicate the LIB-81 is a supported device. I can confirm the Driver Update is loading in the log.


Any additional suggestions/comments would be appreciated.

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What version of the ATTO SCSI driver are you using? You will need to roll it back to 1.6x if you are using Retrospect 5.0.


Does the loader show up at all in the configure-> devices->device status window in Retrospect? How about in Apple system profiler? What are the SCSI IDs you are using?




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Hello there,


The revision of the ROM on the card is 1.6.6f0. The device status window shows only as 'Sony AIT-3 DC, SCSI-A:0'. The buttons should change to support the loader as I understand it. The SCSI ID for the Library is 1 and the Drive is 2. Parity is enabled on both.


Strangely ASP recognises the card but not the device?


Am I better to upgrade to Retrospect 5.1 with the SCSI Update?


Thanking you.



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