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Error -24205 Chunk file damaged during save

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Yesterday upgrade OS X to 10.2.8. Restarted machine & I'm sure Retrospect got going OK but since it's not my main machine I didn't really check.


Today my Mac was shutdown and when I started Retrospect came up with the following:

"Sorry, Can't open the Reto.Config(5.0) file.

error -24205 (Chunk file damaged during save)"


What do I do to fix this ... can I just delete that file or will that cause me more grief.



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That is the Retrospect config file that holds all of your scritps, client logins, volumes etc. I would delete it and restore an earlier version of the file to get your settings back. If setting your scripts up again is not a problem you can start from scratch too.



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Hi Nate,

I moved Retro.Config(5.0) to the desktop & retrospect started OK ... just all the scripts are missing etc. SO I tossed it in the trash and started again.

So I have now recreated my scripts etc and have been running for < 24hrs.

My machine usually backs up the network starting at 6pm and running overnight, this morning no backup had occured and the machine was frozen.

After rebooting I have manually started a backup and at some point, near the end (??) I think, the machine died once more.


It is a relatively old machine but the previous version of OS X has been running for months without incident.

So I am still trying to decide if its OS X crashing or OS X and Retrospect which are crashing.

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