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I just want to feed and go.

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I have been using NTBackup for years, but now I need autoloader support since my nightly backups require 2 tapes or more so I am trying a demo of Dantz Server 6.5. I have a 4 slot autoloader and I have about 10-12 tapes I rotate through daily.


Every night I backup everything on the server. Yes it is not a great strategy, but I have my reasons. My problem is that I cannot figure out how to tell Dantz to completely ignore what name a tape is or if it is blank and just overwrite the tapes in the autoloader one by one and in order.


For example, the other day I erased 4 of my old tapes and put them in the autoloader and let the backup run. Dantz started scanning all the tapes (1, then 4, then 3, then 2) and instead of starting on tape one, it started on tape 2. After tape 2 filled, it scanned again and finished the backup on tape 4.


I don't want to be spending time mananging tapes. I also need someone to be able to take care of the backup tapes when I am out so I need it to be as simple for them as well. I want it so I or my backup just has to take the first two tapes out of the autoloader and feed two more into the rear to replace them and not have to ask any questions.


How do I get this done?

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Retrospect isn't designed to work this way so it will be tough.


Would it be acceptable to create 5 sets of tapes named Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... ?

That will give you a better backup history at least.


Make sure you have the "Reuse pre named media" box checked under the media erasure menu in the retrospect preferences. Also make sure that all of your backups are set to be "recycle" backups.





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I guess that would be fine if every day all the data from the server will be on two of the tapes in the drive. Just so I am sure I have this setup right here is what I am thinking:


1. My backups take up 1 - 1/4 tapes so get 10 tapes for the week.

2. Name 2 tapes Monday, 2 tapes Tuesday, etc....

3. Create a script for Monday that backs up everything

4. Create a script for Tuesday that backs up everything

5. Create a script etc.....

6. Since my autoloader has 4 slots, put both Monday tapes in slot 1+2 and Tuesdays in 3+4

7. Tueday AM take out tapes 1+2 which push 3+4 up to slots 1+2

8. Load both Wedneday tapes into slots 3+4

9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for the rest of the days during the week.


Here is one more piece of info before I ask my question. When I insert my cartridge with 4 tapes it does not automatically insert tape 1. This may or may not be relevent, but I am not sure.


Now, my question is will Retrospect each day of the week load the tape in slot 1 from the autoloader, see that it has the name of that day (Monday, Tues, Wed etc...) then use that tape immediately and when full look for another tape named the same day and finish with that tape?


If Retrospect can work that way then I will be happy because I can then have anyone just eject the autoloader cartridge, feed in the days tapes, then load it back in and not touch anything.

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The 5 day rotation script tutorial will help you I think



This will create one script and add all 5 sets to it. It handles the rotation in the schedule for the script. The only thing you will have to do differently is modify the 5 schedules for this script to make them all "recycle backups" - full backups that overwrite the specified day's tapes.


Once you have the script set up go into the properties of each of the backup sets and 2 members on the members tab. This will erase the tapes and get them named. I suggest writing the name on them as well.


At that point all the user has to do is have the right tapes in the drive on the right day and they are all set. Retrospect will scan the loader for the tape it needs no matter which slot it is in.



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