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please help...(no driver)

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I need help, badly...

computer -> Mac G3 BW, 1Gb memory, OS 9.2.2.

backup device -> new Benchmark DLT1 (Dell PowerVault 110T DLT1), 40/80, version 391B, ultra wide SCSI, external, black color

backup software -> Retro Express 5.0.238 - RDU version 3.6.106...


I used to have Retrospect 4.3 but there's no driver on that device, so I got the Retro Express 5.0.238 thinking it will solve the problem but it's still there.

problem -> on the Retospect's Device Status window the device is there but (no driver)... I search the web and someone at xlr8yourmac.com forum mentionned this device works fine for him with same configuration and suggested the Advanced Driver Kit.... what is the Advance Driver Kit?...where to get it?... any other solution?


please help... any suggestions are appreciated... thanks in advance...

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hello Amy,


sorry about the previous post, I got that straighten out, I got the trial version of the Retro 5.1 Desktop, now it sees the Benchmark DLT1 drive WITH the driver (Benchmark DLT DC 5.03)... I will give it a test run this afternoon. A question though... What I gonna do with the Retro Expess 5.0 I bought last week? :-)

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