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error -523 on client

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Hi there. We have a computer with the latest (6.5.132) retrospect

client on it and are having problems with it. We keep getting

error -523 (can't track volumes) on it.


A quick search of the forum suggested we forget and re-add the client. This

did not work for us. I've removed and reinstalled the retrospect client and

still have the same results. The system is a dell NAS appliance. An unlicensed

sql server is the only device that displays under "volumes" in the client



The client appears to be working. The other 30+ clients work fine.


any ideas on what to do? We recently transferred a lot of data to this box and

it needs to get into the backup rotation soon.






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I get this error when trying to list the available volumes on the client:


configure > clients


bigdisk.oslc.org <properties>


click on <volumes> tab


error appears here.


No disk volumes are listed. This system has a

drive c

drive d

drive e


after the error appers, the only volume listed

is a sql server (unlicensed)


Since retrospect isn't finding the volumes from the client, no disks on that

system are being backed up.




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