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UJ-815A Compatibility

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I'm having trouble getting Retrospect (both 5.0 and 5.1) to work with my system and DVD-RW's. I have a UJ-815A Superdrive installed on a TiBook 500/640M/30G running 10.2.8. Everytime I create a backup set of the type Removable Media, during run the set recognizes the disk, erases and writes to it, but fails to eject the disk upon completion of the segment write. I have found no way to eject the disk forcibly or otherwise (Disk Copy, Finder, Disk Utility) and retrospect dialog doesn't show the disk as mounted. If I create a CD/DVD backup set, Retrospect flatly refuses to format DVD-RW media I insert with Error 100: Device refused. When I used 5.1's ability to hot-configure a driver, the status dialog showed "erasing" for about 1:30hr and grayed the "Stop" button while spinning my processor to max for the entire duration. What the H*** is wrong here. I've tried about every permutation I can think of to get the product to work to no avail.


Help! :confused:

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