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Retrospect crashes and then loses all changes


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Hey folks,


Here I am (yet again) trying to get some answers on how to get this product to work without requiring days of administrative overhead and constant watching. Anyway, on several servers now while updating Managed scripts or adding clients and backup sets (basically any change to what is being backed up), Retrospect will for some reason come up with "An application error has occurred, contact Technical Support".


Once this happens ALL my changes since the last Retrospect shut down are lost. Now, I cannot believe I have to close and reopen Retrospect after every change I make, so can someone tell me how do I get all my changes to save. This is not just one server I have seen this happen on, so I know it is not server specific.


BTW: This is a ridiculous problem that I am AMAZED can even occur! When you create a new script it prompts you to save it...so how are the changes lost?


Grrrrrrr! So fed up with this product. And yes, I am running the latest version.

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