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Problems with Sony SDX-500C tape drive

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I'm having real troubles getting a Sony StorStation SDX-500C AIT2 tape drive working with Retrospect workgroup 5.1. Data seems to be written to the drive OK but often crashes the whole system on verify, on the rare occasion that it can verify then I get lots of backup errors "miscompare at data offset xxxx".

The device shows up fine in System Profiler and Retrospect's devices panel.

My setup is as follows:

PowerMac G3 B/W

Adaptec 29160 scsi card with Adaptec v1.2 drivers

Sony StorStation SDX-500C AIT2

Retrospect Workgroup 5.1.167 with latest RDU and SCSI update as of 2/10/03

Mac OSX 10.2.8

Anyone got any ideas?



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Apparently the Adaptec 29160 card and Sony StorStation SDX-Dxxx series AIT tape drives are completely incompatible at present in OSX according to info I have garnered from the 'net. The only solution is to replace the Adaptec card with an ATTO one.

There is no bug whatsoever with Retrospect itself on this issue.



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