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Skip a client during backup job


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I have a backup script that runs nightly. I noticed that one machine takes an extremely long time to backup sometimes because it is running some software that takes up 99% of CPU.




I'll usually notice this in the morning and want to just skip that machine and go on to the next.




How can I skip one client and go on to the next?




I'm running Multiserver 6.0 on win2k





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I think (Retrospect is running right now so I cannot verify...) there's a setting to skip the client if backup performance falls below certain level.


Skip function, however, is not available. I agree it could be usefull (if it worked better than Stop function that freezes Retrospect sometimes)






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Hi Mikee,


There is a script setting under Options:Client Execution called Speed Threshold that allows you to enter a minimum throughput value. If backup performance falls below this value for a particular client, Retrospect will move on to the next one. The default is zero, which allows a preoccupied client to stop the whole show. I set it to 20 or 30 as a matter of course.


(The PC that's sitting at 99% CPU usage -- is it running one of those 3D screensavers?)



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