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How can I erase a Backup File contents?

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I hope someone can help me... I have my main volume backed up incremental nightly to files on an external drive. obviously overtime the drive fills up.... What I want to do is erase the contents of the back up file ie Monday file but not have to delete the file and make a new one from scratch. So is there a way to remove the file contents (backed up files) without removing the actual backup file itself. Sorry if I've repeated myself, I just want to be clear.


System is: G4 1Ghz Dual 2Gb ram, OSX.2.8 Retrospect v5.0.236


Many thanks.




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What you are looking for is a Recycle Backup. A Recycle Backup will clear the contents of the entire backup set.


You can manually recycle by going to Configure > Backup Sets > Configure (set in question) > Options > Action > Recycle


You can also add additional schedules to your existing script(s) which perform Recycle backups on a scheduled basis (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, etc.).


See the User's Guide for additional information on Recycle Backups.

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