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New Media to ''recycle" Used Tapes


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Backup Medium: 40/80 DLTs, using an eight-slot Autoloader. To simplify a little, we do nightly "normal" backups, alternating between two sets, A and B. Once a month, we pull one of the sets out (3-4 tapes currently) to keep offsite for, say six months. We then run a New Media backup. Until recently, the New Media backup has been done with brand new emtpy tapes. Now I want to rotate some of the old sets of tapes (six months old) back in. Problem is, it's a pain to tell Retrospect to first erase these old tapes so it will see them as empty and use them again. It also takes a long time to erase these tapes. Is there a better and faster way to accomplish this?

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Mayoff said:

If you do a recycle backup with the old set, then Retrospect can be set to "reuse prenamed media", otherwise you must erase the tape first when using a new backupset.


If I do the recycle backup, which backup set or catalog is going to be erased? To clarify my question, we have:


in the ATL: Backup Set A-5 (four members)

and Backup Set B-5 (four members)


I replace the tapes from Set A-5 with the four old tapes from, say Set A-1.


I now configure a Recycle Backup re-using the tapes from Set A-1. I am given a choice of doing the Recycle Backup for either Backup Set A-5 or Backup Set-5. What exactly gets erased? All previous catalog information from Set A-5? Can I preserve this, since this is something I don't want to lose.


I've been dealing with Retrospect for almost ten years, and I still don't feel that I have a good handle on this stuff.


TIA, Peter

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