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Pioneer Super Drive 105 Version A506 does not reinsert the disk?

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I am using the lastes version of Maac OS X and have Retrospect 5.0's latest patch isntalled. When I do a back up it see the drive, burns the first back up disk( I am using DVDs) and then ejects the disk for the next one. When I put the new number 2 disk in the drawer will not close. No matter what i do the drawer will not close to insert the next disk. I pushed the up arrow to close the drawer as I noramally do, I clicked the proceed button and nothing works. Any Ideas?


Harlan Richter

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If the drive just won't close push it in gently until the motor grabs it and pulls it in the rest of the way. On mine I push it in 1/2 inch or so before the motor pulls the tray in. This is normal for CD and DVD drives.


The reason this is necessary is Retrospect has to disable the keyboard eject button to get full access to the drive.




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